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If you’re a forex trader from the United States then you unfortunately don’t have as many ECN forex broker options as the rest of the world. This is why you should open a forex trading account with the best US forex broker, FX Choice and start trading forex today!

Button for global forex traders to open a free forex demo account

Button for global forex traders to open a free forex demo account

FX Choice Named Best US Forex Broker

FX Choice Limited is an ECN forex broker which provides forex trading services to their global client base, including those in the United States of America. Their key business model is providing secure online forex trading services to their client base by offering individual premier solutions for trading forex, precious metals and futures based CFDs.

Continuing to strive forward as the best US forex broker, FX Choice are making a difference in the forex trading industry by offering all of their clients state-of-the-art technology, unbeatable trading conditions, premium service and friendly, competent support. If you are in the US, with the limited number of brokers you can choose from, you simply have to be trading with FX Choice.

Their qualified team has over 10 years of experience with online forex trading – as a broker as well as forex traders. Therefore FX Choice understand the needs of their US client base in detail and are doing their best to meet every one of them.

Why FX Choice Was Named Best US Forex Broker

There are a multitude of reasons why FX Choice has been chosen as the preferred forex broker for US traders.

With clients’ funds being held in segregated accounts, totally separate from their corporate ones used to operate the business from day to day, US forex traders can trust that their money is secure. Something that you can’t always say when it comes to some of the larger US forex brokers like FXCM.

What is more, this broker practices positive price correction. This practically means that even if traders actually slip into negative balances under extraordinary circumstances, FX Choice will simply zero out these balances.

FX Choice offers fast market execution through NDD technology and competitive trading conditions on a variety of trading platforms. Furthermore, the company is in the forex broker business for more than 10 years now.

Overall FX Choice come highly recommended because they offer just about everything a trader could want from a forex broker – PLUS they accept US traders!

Just remember that if you’re not from the US, then you are able to take advantage of Vantage FX’s low ECN commissions so click that link and head over there.