Forex Copywriter – Dane Williams

Dane Williams is a specialist forex copywriter from Sydney, Australia.

Are you a forex/cryptocurrency broker that is looking for SEO optimised, broker specific copy that converts? How about market specific technical and fundamental analysis that makes sense to retail clients?

Are you a marketing agency looking for forex, cryptocurrency or finance specific copywriting that is both SEO optimised and helps your clients make conversions?

Are you a finance blogger that is looking for unique content to engage your readers and improve your SEO at the same time?

If you’re in any of the above three categories and are sick of dealing with cheap, non-English speaking copywriters that send you and your marketing team around in circles (I know because I’ve been in your shoes), then we need to work together.

Having worked both on the trading and broker sides for clients such as Vantage FX and ForexLive, I’m uniquely positioned to write the type of copy that I know will be relevant from a retail client’s perspective, rank in terms of SEO and will also convert.

The topics I specialise in include:

  • Forex, Commodities and Indices markets
  • Cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICOs.
  • Technical and fundamental analysis
  • Trading strategy and educational content
  • Broker specific marketing content and industry news

If you want to discuss your content or projects in further detail then please get in touch.

Let’s do this!